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Quit Genius

Quit Genius

Quit Genius is the world's first app to use gamified cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to help you quit smoking. With 5 minutes of daily activity, you'll be on your way to being smoke free in just a few weeks.

Babel - Spotify To Apple Music

Babel - Spotify To Apple Music

Babel imports the Spotify playlists that are important to you. Whether it was an unforgettable concert or a endless party, everyone has a playlist that means something to them and now you can easily import them from Spotify to Apple Music with the click of a button.

Pulse - Currency Alerts

Pulse - Currency Alerts

Pulse is a free download that allows you to subscribe to currency pairs and receive push notifications every day to keep up to date with current foreign exchange rates.

Alesso Sticker Pack

Alesso Sticker Pack

I'm excited to share this iMessage sticker app I recently worked on. The client was looking to see how they could use iMessage stickers to engage with Swedish DJ Alesso's fanbase. It was a short project, but I really enjoyed working on it and it will be interesting to see what happens in this space over the coming year.

Download Alesso Sticker Pack

WeSwap Travel Money


WeSwap is the people's currency exchange - save up to 90% vs banks and bureaux thanks to swapping direct with fellow travellers. We simply swap your currency direct with other travellers. No fake exchange rates, hidden fees or shocks when you get home.

StageToStereo - Save Setlists To Apple Music Playlists

StageToStereo - Save Setlists To Apple Music Playlists

StageToStereo saves your favorite concert setlists to Apple Music playlists. Search thousands of setlists to find the ones that are important to you, and easily export them to Apple Music with the click of a button.

Swift Bootstrap - Develop iOS Apps Faster

Swift Bootstrap

Swift Bootstrap is a suite of tools to help you design, develop and market iOS apps faster.

Read about the development of Swift Bootstrap here.

Ticker - Stock Quotes & News


Ticker helps you track real time prices and news for any publicly listed stock. Simply choose a stock to monitor the most recent and relevant financial information during and outside of trading hours. Download Ticker here.

Super Fan - The Music Trivia Game

Super Fan

Super Fan is the music trivia game that challenges your knowledge of your favorite artists. Simply choose an artist and guess the name of each song as quickly as you can! Download Super Fan here.

Product Rank - Daily Product Hunt Ranking Charts

Product Rank

Product Rank was a simple tool to help you plan and monitor your Product Hunt launch with detailed daily ranking charts.

MakeScreenshots - Generate App Screenshots For All iPhone Sizes In A Click!


MakeScreenshots was a quick and simple iPhone App Store screenshot generator. Upload screenshot, choose your text, customise your image and then download iOS App Store screenshots for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in one click.

Smile for iPhone


Smile curated your daily dose of good news. Sometimes the news is not so good, and it's hard to find stories to remind you that things aren't all bad. Smile worked tirelessly to find the most positive stories each day and send them straight to your phone.

Read about the development of Smile here.

Struck for iPhone


Struck! was the fastest way to share with your closest friends anonymously. Post comments directly to your friends about what you're thinking and receive likes from others in the community who agree. Enjoy a timeline full of posts about your friends!

Read about the development of Struck here.

Guilt for iPhone & iPad


Guilt was the best way to share anonymously. Share what is on your mind, see posts from other users around the world & watch people interact with your posts. Be yourself, escape judgement and share what is on your mind anonymously.

Apptitude for iPhone


Over 70% of employers make use of psychometric tests to assess the suitably of potential candidates. Apptitude helped you familiarise yourself with the tests that you will face during this process. Practice and compete against other users to improve your speed and competence.

Cuatro for iPhone


Cuatro is an awesome word game that will snare you with its simplicity and challenge you as the grid fills and you run out of options. Create four letter words to score points and keep the grid clear, but watch out as over time the trickier letters dominate and vowels become scarce. Download Cuatro here.